High Quality
3D Printer Filament

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The First Filament Production Line in Qatar 

Easy to Print

Fallament’s ability to heat and cool without shrinking makes it tremendously easy to print when compared to various other materials.

Classroom and Office Friendly

Fallament is a nontoxic corn-based, biodegradable material and is considered safe to use in offices and classrooms

Good part stiffness

Fallament is stiff meaning that it will maintain its form up until its breaking point which is important in applications such as inspection gauges.


Fallament is a corn-based plastic and will break down over time.


Save The Environment 
Refill Your Spool

Empty spools are a problem for 3D printer users; some choose to keep them, which takes up storage space. Others simply throw away empty reels, but if they are not properly discarded, they are rarely recycled via the proper channels, and usually end up in landfill, adding to our global waste management issues.

By having our production line here in Qatar, we offer services such as refilling the empty spools. Just bring your Fallament spool and we will have it refilled for you with a reduced price. If you have spools from other brands we can also refill it for you, just make sure to bring at least 10 empty spools from the same brand to refill.

Save The Environment 
Recycle 3D Printing waste

The more you 3D print cool and useful things, the more waste you produce that can harm the environment. 3D printing waste includes failed parts, brims, rafts, and support, which can end up in the trash and add to your non-recylced waste debt. 

At Voltaat, we take advantage of having a filament production line here in Qatar and use the 3D printed wasted parts as the raw material for our manufacturing  .


Fallament Prints By The Community